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MoveHP: Bike-Walk HP 2030 Update

Updating the City's Non-Motorized Transportation Plan
In 2012, the City of Highland Park adopted Bike-Walk HP 2030, the City’s comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plan. Since its adoption, the City has implemented several of the recommendations in the plan, including a pedestrian cut-through and 18 miles of bicycle infrastructure improvements. In 2018, the City was awarded a Bronze status as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Bicyclists, one of only 19 Bicycle Friendly Communities in the state.

  • The current draft version of the MoveHP plan is available for download here. More information on the draft plan and adoption process is located on this page.
BikeWalkHP coverWhy is the City Updating the Plan?
The City seeks to continue serving as a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly community through the implementation of Bike-Walk HP 2030. Updates to the plan are needed to reflect new bike infrastructure and pedestrian connections, as well as to re-evaluate project priorities. The updated plan has been named MoveHP.

Existing Conditions Report
The Existing Conditions Report provides a snapshot of the existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and policies in Highland Park. It also outlines and celebrates what the City has accomplished since the adoption of Bike-Walk HP 2030. The Existing Conditions report provides the foundation to reevaluate recommendations from Bike-Walk HP 2030 and introduce new recommendations that align with current trends and best practices. The full report can be downloaded here

The draft plans has now been released and can be downloaded below!

Project Schedule

The project kicked-off with a meeting of the MoveHP steering committee. The steering committee is comprised of community stakeholders including the Park District of Highland Park, residents, bike-enthusiasts, and every-day walkers. The committee will work closely with staff to serve as a sounding board and ensure the plan meets the needs of the Highland Park community. In addition, the schedule includes multiple opportunities for public input and presentations to City Council.
The MoveHP process is anticipated to conclude before the end of 2019. This includes analysis of existing conditions, public outreach, drafting the plan, and adoption.

Get Involved
Community  Workshop 

On the evening of April 9, 2019, nearly two dozen residents attended an open house workshop for MoveHP, the City’s update to BikeWalk 2030. Participants provided input through a group mapping exercise, individual worksheets, and talking with staff about their concerns and aspirations for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in Highland Park.

The group mapping exercise involved participants placing a marker where they would like active infrastructure improvements on two separate maps, one for pedestrian infrastructure and the other for bicycle infrastructure. The individual worksheet allowed them to draw and annotate their desired bicycle and pedestrian routes, identify hazards in Highland Park, and leave specific comments.

Thank you to all those who came to the workshop and/or took the online survey!

League of Women Voters - Move HP: Bike-Walk 2030 
Wednesday, October 23, 2019 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm
The League of Women Voters and the City of Highland Park are co-hosting a presentation and  Q & A on MoveHP  by Councilwoman Kim Stone; Deputy Director of Community Development Drew Awsumb; and Public Works Director Ramesh Kanapareddy. Please use the link below to the League's website for more detail about this informative and interesting event!

League of Women Voters MoveHP: Bike-Walk 2030

Download the Plan!
The current draft version of the MoveHP plan is available for download here. Comments, questions, and other input on the draft MoveHP plan can be provided to the Deputy Community Development Director, Drew Awsumb, at 847.432.0867 or 

The draft MoveHP plan will be presented and discussed at these future public meetings:

  • Plan and Design Commission - October 22nd
  • Sustainability Advisory Group - November 13th
  • Transportation Advisory Group - December 4th
  • City Council/COTW - December 2019, January 2020
The City Council will consider official adoption of the plan in early 2020.


Please contact Jaemi Jackson, Planner II: 847.926.1853 or Drew Awsumb, Deputy Director of Community Development: 847.926.1612