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Senior Center

The Highland Park Senior Center is a Division of the City of Highland Park created in 1976 to meet the needs of the community’s senior population. 

Highland Park Senior Center 
1201 Park Avenue West - Highland Park
     Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 4 PM
     Fridays, 9 AM - 1 PM
The Division of Senior Services provides health, recreational, cultural, educational and counseling services to the City’s senior population. The division also serves as a resource and advocate in areas of importance to the well-being of the senior community, with primary attention given to transportation, housing and personal safety. All programs are available to individuals age 50 and older. A nominal membership fee is required for participation in many of the free programs, however, all residents are welcome to participate in fee-based programming. 

     Resident Individual: $30
     Resident Couple: $50
     Non-Resident Individual: $50
     Non-Resident Couple: $90

Shoreline Activities Newsletter
The Shorelines newsletter is produced three times a year and promotes all of the daily activities offered.

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Facility Details 
The Senior Center is located at the Highland Park Country Club at 1201 Park Avenue West.  Originally opened in 1969 as a private Country Club and Golf Course, it was purchased by the City of Highland Park in 1996. Currently, the City of Highland Park owns and operates the Country Club which serves as the Senior Center during regular hours of operation and operates as an exclusive caterer enterprise at nights and on weekends.  The golf course property, which is owned by the Park District of Highland Park, was permanently closed after the 2017 golf season, and is being transitioned into a natural space / passive park.

1976 - 2021
The Senior Center was previously located at 54 Laurel Avenue.  Built as a private residence in 1929 by General Robert E. Wood, the property was purchased in 1976 to serve as the site of the Senior Center. The building was renovated, providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

Environmental Assessment - Public Review and Comment Opportunity
The following Environmental Assessment was completed in May of 2020 for the property located at 54 Laurel Avenue.  The report may be viewed by clicking here. The public is welcome to submit any questions or comments to the City of Highland Park regarding the Environmental Assessment by emailing