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Building Permits


Submit at the City's Civic Access Portal
NOTE:  Users may need to re-register after system upgrades, click HERE for instructions.

Account Creation Instructions
Permit Application & Inspection Request Instructions

* All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted at the same time.

* Permit fees are calculated according to the City's annual fee schedule upon completion of the review.
* Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Submitting Revisions and Design or Field Changes
(not for new submittals)
1. Download and complete a Plan Review Transmittal form
2. Upload form & new documents to the 'Attachments' area of the permit

Permit Extension Requests
1.  Email requests to
2.  Include construction site address(es) and permit number(s).
3.  Pay for extension
  (1st extension (for 6 months) is free)

Change of Contractor Process
1. Download, complete, and sign a Change of Contractor request.
2. Download, complete, and sign a Property Owner Authorization form
3. Add new contractor(s) as a Contact at the City's Civic Access Portal
4a. Upload documents to the 'Attachments' area of your permit
4b. Email request to with all forms.
        * The email subject line should read: Change of Contractor Request: (ADDRESS)

Permit-Related Forms
Property Owner Authorization Form
General Contractor License Application
Homeowner as General Contractor Agreement
Demolition Permit Package
New Home Construction Packet
Drainage & Grading Packet
Infill Notification (neighbor notification required for certain projects)
New or Change of Address
Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Packet
Alarm Monitoring User Application
General Easement Waiver
Maximum Occupancy Load Worksheet
Demolition Calculation Worksheet
Bond Language Requirement
Non-Exclusive License Agreement  (for specified structures in City right-of-way)
Special License Application (for structures not specified in the Non-Exclusive License Agreement)
Chicken Keep Permit Packet
East Pocket Park Public Display Application

Third Party Forms & Information
J.U.L.I.E.: Contact J.U.L.I.E. before you dig at or call 811 or 800.892.0123.
North Shore Gas: Natural gas utility company
Commonwealth Edison (ComEd):
Electric utility company
WDO Application: Watershed Development Ordinance permit required from Lake County for work inside of a floodplain.
North Shore Water Reclamation Guides: Information regarding when sanitary permits are required from NSWRD.
North Shore Water Reclamation Contact: Contact information for NSWRD.
IDOT: Projects on state roads may require a permit issued by the Illinois Department of Transportation BEFORE the issuance a City permit.  This includes the following areas:  Half Day Road (from Trail Way to the west), Skokie Highway, Sheridan Road (to include Edgecliffe Drive and Oak Street), Walker Avenue, County Line (Lake-Cook) Road between South Deere Park Drive and Skokie Valley Road.

Permit Submittal Requirements
Property Owner Authorization Form

New Single Family Construction (excluding PUD)
Single Family Interior Alteration
Detached Carport Garage Greenhouse
Single Family Porch, Arbor, Pergola
Detached Accessory Buildings and Uses
Pool Cabana, Workshop
Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Spa
Temporary Pool Flyer

Roofing (includes required completion letter)
Residential Window Replacement (Same Size Only)
Windows and Doors
Siding & Exterior Wall Veneer
Sidewalks, Stoops, & Patios
Wood Deck
Retaining Wall
Chicken Coop
Water Heater Replacement
Mechanical: Furnace, Air Conditioning, Ventilation
Incoming Electrical Service
Emergency Generator
Irrigation or Lawn Sprinkler System
Fire Alarm & Sprinkler
Knox Box Fee Schedule and Requirements
Tree Preservation or Removal
Tree Permit Sample
Curb Crossing, Roadway, ROW, or Sidewalk Obstruction
Water Service on Private Property
Sanitary and Storm Sewer Repair on Private Property
Water Service, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Repair in Public ROW

Multi-Family New Construction and Additions
Multi-Family Interior Alterations
Commercial New Construction and Additions
Commercial Interior Alterations
Commercial Change of Business Ownership

Bond Language Requirement
Title Sheet Requirements for Commercial Submittals
Title Sheet Requirements for Residential Submittals
Title Sheet Requirements for Fire Alarm
Title Sheet Requirements for Fire Sprinkler
Title Sheet Requirements for Commercial Kitchen Hoods
Title Sheet Requirements for Commercial Wet Chemical Kitchen Hoods

Payments for Permits Applied for ON OR AFTER July 19, 2023

All permits that have been received and entered by the Building Division on or AFTER July 19, 2023 can be viewed, printed, and paid at the City's online Civic Access Portal.  Please note that a user must have a registered account and be listed as a Billing Contact for a given permit.

Payments for Permits Applied for BEFORE July 19, 2023

All permits that were received and invoiced by the Building Division BEFORE July 19, 2023 can be viewed and paid at the City's Access Online Permitting Services page.

Helpful Tips

  • When entering an address to view a permit, you may enter the street number and the first few letters of the street name followed by an asterisk (*), then hit search. 

    • For example, entering “1150 Ha*” would show permits for 1150 Half Day Road.
    • Two periods (..) can be used to search a range.  For example, 09/07/2009..09/09/2009 will retrieve all the permits from 09/07/2009 to 09/09/2009.
  • If you wish to log in (not required): 
    • Choose "Registered Users" or "New User"
    • Follow the prompts to enter or create your user name and password.