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Water Billing

Water Service and Usage
The City of Highland Park provides water service to its residents and businesses, managing more than 10,000 water accounts. Beginning in 2014, the City embarked on a multiyear project to upgrade the water meter reading system from a manual read process to a fixed-base automated meter reading system. Meters are read through a series of data collectors placed strategically throughout the City and then imported into the Finance Department water billing system.

In 2018, the City launched an online customer portal, My Water Use, which allows residents to track water use, set alerts for possible leaks and see how their bill compares to their neighbors. For more information on the My Water Use program, click here.


Water Billing and Estimated Bills
Water bills are generated on a quarterly basis from actual meter readings. If an actual meter reading cannot be obtained, an estimated bill will be prepared based on the average consumption during previous similar periods. If there is no basis for estimating consumption, a minimum bill will be prepared. Learn how to understand your water bill here. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt customer from penalty. 

How to Pay Your Bill
There are several ways a resident can pay their water bill.  
  • Automatic payment – ACH plan
    • Have your payments withdrawn automatically from your bank account. Payment is deducted on the due date of the bill.
    • Enrollment form can be found here. Please complete and submit with a voided check to the Finance Department. Please note based on the date of enrollment, autopay may not be effective until the next billing cycle.
  • Online payment
    • Pay Utility account and view account/transaction detail.
  • Mail Processing Center
    • Mail payments to:
    • City of Highland Park - Finance Department
      PO Box 7700
      Carol Stream, IL 60197-7700
  • Drop Box
    • 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week; box is located adjacent to City Hall. Payments are collected the next business day.
  • In Person
    • Residents may pay their bill at City Hall during Finance business hours. 
    • City Hall - Finance Department
      1707 St. Johns Ave. 
      Highland Park, IL 60035 

Sign-up for E-Billing
In support of efforts to “Go Green”, the City of Highland Park is pleased to offer its customers the option to receive their water bill via e-mail, commonly known as E-bill. With E-billing, bills will be received via email and will no longer be sent by paper copy. The E-bill enrollment form is available by clicking here. 

Online Payment Services for Utility Billing
Do not use this service to pay a shut-off notice. In the event of a pending shut-off please call the Finance Department at 847.432.0800 to make payment arrangements.  

Registration Process
First time users will need a copy of their utility bill in order to register. The system will require you to enter your customer and utility account number. 

  1. From the Account Login screen, click on the "New User" button and enter your e-profile information to establish your eUser account. Once you have entered the information click on the "Next Step" button to confirm. Please make note of your eUser name and password for future account access. 
  2. If all the information is correct click "Register" to enter your water account information. 
  3. In order to connect your "eUser" logon to a utility account, additional information is required. Please enter both your customer number and utility account number on this form, for each account you wish to have online payment access. This information may be found in the "Account Information" section of the utility bill. 
  4. Once the customer number and account number information has been entered click the "Register with Utilities" button to establish your account access. 
  5. Upon successful registration you can view account summary information, make payments, view transactions or access usage charts. 
  6. Once you have logged on, the "eUser" information may be updated at any time by clicking on the "MyProfile" button at the top right of the page.  

If you have any questions regarding registration or online payments, please contact the Finance Department at 847.432.0800.

Setup or Termination of Water/Sewer Service
If you are moving into a Highland Park property, the seller/owner will provide buyer/tenant information to setup the account. If you are moving out of a Highland Park property, you must schedule a meter reading at least 3 business days prior to closing. A final meter reading can be ordered by completing the Final Utility Request form located here.

To schedule a final meter reading, call the Finance Department at 847.432.0800 or submit the completed form to or fax to 847.432.2617. 

Current Water Fees

Type of Service 2024 Fees
Residential water $3.983 per unit
(Rate per 100 cubic feet 6000 cubic feet or less, per quarter)
Residential water $4.381 per unit
(Rate per 100 cubic feet from 6001 to 8000 cubic feet, per quarter)
Residential water $4.580 per unit
(Rate per 100 cubic feet from 8001 or more cubic feet, per quarter)
Residential sewer $6.25 per quarter and $1.35 per unit
Commercial water $4.381 per unit
(100 cubic feet)
Commercial sewer $9.35 per quarter and $1.35 per unit   
Stormwater utility fee base $8.80 per month
Stormwater utility fee - Per impervious area unit (IAU) = (2,765 square feet of IAU) $8.80 per month properties that have greater than one IAU are charged $8.80 per month multiplied by the number of IAUs calculated on the parcel
Low-income sewer $2.40 per quarter
Water turn-on / turn-off fee $50 per site visit
Delinquent Water Bill Charge (After 30 Days from Date of Statement) 10% of Unpaid Balance