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Highland Park Theater Redevelopment

Sale, Demolition and Redevelopment of the Former Highland Park Theater at 441 – 447 Central Avenue
In 2016, the City Council approved the sale of the former Highland Park Theater building to developer Scott Canel of Highland Park. On September 2017, the City Council approved the redevelopment of the Highland Park Theater into a two-story, mixed-use commercial building. The project is expected to commence on or about June 7, 2018 and completed December 1, 2019.

The new building will have restaurant and retail uses on the first floor and offices on the second floor. The design provides an open courtyard facing Central Avenue and extensive glazing on the ground floor to encourage pedestrian interaction. A garage on the ground floor accommodates eight vehicles and is accessed from the rear. The Ori South parking lot next to the theater will remain public-use. As part of this project the Ori South parking lot will be re-surfaced and re-landscaped by the developer.

The construction map and project phasing schedule is attached.

The following is an overview of the work to be performed during each phase of construction:

Phase 1: Demolition of the Existing Theater and Foundation (1.5 mo.)
Contractor: American Demolition Corporation

June 8, 2018
Alley Behind Theater Closed Perimeter Fencing Installed for Public Safety

June 12, 2018
Demolition Commences

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 7 AM - 7 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM

Access to Parking Areas Maintained Access for Most Services Maintained During this time there will be a water truck on site or fire hydrant use for dust suppression and vehicular washing, as needed Contractor will use their best efforts to minimize the inconvenience to any of the surrounding neighbors

Phase 2: Building Construction (1 mo.)
Contractor: Alan Ives Construction

West side of the Ori Parking Lot Closed Eastern Portion of the Parking lot Open to the Public Alley behind Theater Partially Closed

Phase 3: Building Construction Continues (2 mos.)
Central Ave. Street Closures during Phase 3 may occur temporarily for a 2 -3 Week Period but only for Several Hours at a Time
Theater Sidewalk will be Closed for the Remainder of the Project
Alley Behind the Theater will be Partially Closed

Phase 4: Building Construction Continues; Parking Construction Commences (3.5 mos.)
Alley Behind the Theater Partially Closed
Eastern Portion of the Parking Open to the Public
Parking Lot to be Complete before November 15, 2018

Phase 5: Complete Buildout (8 mos.)
Expanded Eastern Portion of the Parking Lot Open
Entire Lot Opens to the Public on August 1, 2019

Throughout the project, the developer will minimize closures of the alley and coordinate with abutting property owners and their tenants regarding the timing and duration of closures, partial or otherwise, to minimize disruptions to access.

Alternate parking locations have been identified for businesses that will be impacted by the construction, and modifications have been made to parking enforcement. Police Department staff will SUSPEND timed and employee parking permit enforcement in the North Ori Lot, the South Ori Lot, the Central East-South Lot (east of Country Kitchen), and in the north half of the St. Johns North Lot (west of Park Avenue). Disabled parking and storage of vehicle violations will continue to be enforced within the entire Central Business District. In addition, the Police Department will continue to enforce customer-only parking violations which require employees to park in designated employee permit parking lots within the Central Business District. Employees that park in on-street parking spaces within the Central Business District while they are working any day of the week, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, are subject to parking enforcement. Parking related questions can be directed to the Police Department non-emergency number 847.432.7730.

Should any questions or concerns arise during the demolition phase of this project, please call Victor Gonza at 847.681.0010.

Should any questions or concerns arise during the construction phase of this project, please call Carl Schwarz or Paul Gotta at 312.580.0085.

Thank you for your patience throughout this project.