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Suspicious Vehicle Investigation

City of Highland Park Investigating Suspicious Vehicle

November 22, 2022 – The City of Highland Park Police Department is continuing to investigate a suspicious vehicle that was potentially used in a burglary, following an encounter with the vehicle on Saturday, November 19, 2022 that resulted in police activity on Roger Williams Ave. near Rosewood Park. A report of a suspicious vehicle precipitated this law enforcement activity, which underscores the critical role of community awareness in crime prevention.

At approximately 3:30 PM on Saturday, November 19, Highland Park police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle backed into the driveway of a home under construction on the 100 block of Roger Williams Ave. The report of a black GMC Acadia with opaquely tinted windows matched the description of a vehicle potentially used in a burglary in a neighboring community.  

Responding officers observed the vehicle traveling west on Roger Williams Ave. Highland Park police blocked the vehicle’s path with a police vehicle with emergency lights, a parked delivery van, and additional police vehicles. After several minutes of refusing to comply with commands from police, the driver attempted to drive around the blockade and wedged the vehicle between the parked delivery van and the bridge guard rail.

Officers continued attempts to engage with individuals in the vehicle, and in total, the subjects refused to comply with officers’ commands for more than 15 minutes. Because officers could not see into the vehicle and because individuals inside refused to comply, additional officers were called to the scene, including from neighboring jurisdictions.

Seven vehicle occupants were detained for questioning without incident. Evidence was collected. Further investigation is being conducted with other jurisdictions. In addition, Highland Park police contacted homeowners in a 2-block radius of the incident to request information related to the incident and answer questions regarding the police response.

An increase in burglaries and thefts is a nationwide trend that is not unique to Highland Park. Highland Park police officers are proactively working to prevent burglaries with increased patrol staffing, allowing officers in unmarked vehicles to be deployed on patrol during peak burglary hours, focusing on burglary prevention and detection efforts. Community assistance in remaining alert for suspicious vehicles and behaviors is very helpful to police officers working to prevent burglaries and thefts in our community. Individuals may contact the public safety non-emergency line at 847.432.7730 with reports of suspicious vehicles or activities, such as:

  • Unmarked vehicles backed into a driveways, a common tactic.
  • Vehicles backed into driveways of homes that are unoccupied or under construction.
  • Individuals moving through backyards in small groups.
  • Individuals claiming to represent utilities, the City, or other companies whose identity and purpose cannot be confirmed.
  • Vehicles driving excessively slowly.

Residents may contact their Police Beat Coordinator to arrange a visit to provide safety recommendations for their home. Residents who suspect they may have been the victim of a burglary or other crime should contact the Highland Park Police Department at 847.432.7730. To report a crime in progress or request emergency assistance, always dial 911. 

For more information about preventing burglaries and thefts, visit