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City Council Approves Resolution Calling For State & Federal Gun Violence Prevention and Increased Safety Measures

August 15, 2022 -- At the Monday, August 15 meeting, City Council approved a resolution calling for action at the state and federal level to ban the manufacture, purchase, sale, possession, and use of all semi-automatic weapons, high-capacity ammunition cartridges and magazines, and body armor, except as needed by military and law enforcement bodies.

Prior to the discussion, Mayor Rotering delivered the following remarks:

"In 2013, in the wake of Sandy Hook, current and former Highland Park City Council Members sat on this dais and banned assault weapons and large capacity magazines. We knew that a federal ban would be the most effective, but a local ban, reflecting the values of this community, was the only option available to us under the law. Nothing has changed and we need help from all levels of government. We need to pursue all options. 

I have been speaking to lawmakers near and far about what happened in Highland Park on the Fourth of July and how we must work together to stop gun violence in our state and in our nation. As part of this effort, tonight, members of this City Council are once again urging a ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines on a wider scale. 

Mass shootings are a uniquely American problem and Highland Park is not an island. No community is safe until broader action is taken. The resolution we are considering supports both state and federal laws that ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines. It reflects the values of our community and sends a clear message that state and federal action is critical to reducing the likelihood of additional mass shootings. No city, town, or village should have to endure the devastation and trauma of a mass shooting.

Make no mistake, this is not where we end our fight to save lives. We ask others to join us, and trade thoughts and prayers for action."

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