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Update: July 4 Active Shooter Incident

Update: Ongoing Active Investigation into Active Shooter

July 4, 2022; 3:53 PM – An active investigation continues into the shooting at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade.  The parade route in downtown Highland Park and the central business district remains an active crime scene; therefore, we highly recommend individuals living in this area to continue to shelter in place.  This area entails Green Bay Road to Laurel, to St. Johns to Elm Place. The investigation and most law enforcement personnel are focused on this area.  Individuals outside of this area no longer need to shelter in place, however we urge everyone to remain vigilant and immediately report suspicious behavior.

The Lake County Coroner is on the scene assisting with the investigation.  Highland Park police are collaborating with the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, the FBI, Illinois State Police, County and local law enforcement agencies throughout our area.  While no one is in custody at this time, a very active apprehension effort is underway.

Individuals with knowledge of the incident, persons of interest, including photo or video evidence from the scene are encouraged to share them with the FBI by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI.  Regular updates are also being posted on the City’s web site at

The next press briefing will be held at 4:30 PM July 4, 2022 at Fire Station #33, 1130 Central Avenue, Highland Park.