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April 17: Reuse-o-Rama Drive-Thru Donation Event

Reuse o rama headerWarmer weather is perfect for spring cleaning! Reuse-o-Rama, a drive-thru donation & recycling event, is this Saturday, April 17. Consider donating your new and gently-used accessories, books, clothes, toys, shoes, small household items, and more on April 17, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the Hidden Creek AquaPark (1220 Fredrickson Pl.)
The City is hosting this special recycling event in partnership with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO). A wide variety of items may be donated via contactless drive-thru. Please place unwanted household items in your trunk for volunteers to easily access and unload.
For more information, download the flyer to view the complete list of acceptable items.


  1. What will happen to my items? Will they be donated to local charities, resold, or recycled?
    SWALCO’s Reuse-O-Rama collection program works closely with local organizations for collecting new, gently used and worn clothing and shoes.  Additionally, household items in clean and good working condition (only) will be accepted for reuse. New and gently used items will be reused through distribution to local resale shops and donations to nonprofits. New and gently used clothing and textiles will be reused, and worn, torn or stained will be recycled. Shoes are reused via SWALCO’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program. 

  2. Should I wash stuffed animals before donation? How should they be packaged?
    Stuffed animals and plush dolls should be visibly clean, dry, and free of odors for reuse. Containers will be available for items to be placed that are not boxed and loose.

  3. Should I avoid plastic bags, or does that not matter?
    When possible, avoiding plastic bags is always best, and containers will be available for items that are not boxed and loose.

  4. What if anything do I need to do to prepare my items for donation?

    Containers: Please bring your items in a bag or box marked with its category of Clothing & Textiles, Shoes, Accessories, Furniture & Household Items, Sports Equipment, or Books.

    Weight limit: The weight limit for individual items and individual boxes is 25 pounds, for the ability to be carried by one person.

    Size limit: The size limit for items is approximately 18 x 18 x 18 inches in all directions.

    Packaging style: Please pack boxes tightly and safely, so items do not shift during transport. Please wrap glass or ceramic breakables and place them in boxes.

    Shoes: Pair shoes by tying the laces, rubber band them together, or use zip ties if there are no laces.

    Appearance: Items must be clean, dry, and free of odors, also in working condition. Gather and wash your textiles. Make sure they are clean and dry.

  5. What if my trunk doesn’t have a remote open?
    Please place unwanted household items in your trunk for volunteers to easily access and unload. However, if you cannot open your trunk from within your vehicle, please wear a face-covering to open your trunk when you arrive. Volunteers will unload your trunk once you have reentered your car.