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Spring Infrastructure Maintenance Updates

March 14, 2024 -- 

Seasonal Street Sweeping Begins March 14

The City sweeps approximately 3,418 curb miles of roadways annually as part of seasonal infrastructure maintenance from late spring through November. Routine street sweeping activities are focused on three levels of service: (1) curbed roads – once monthly, (2) non-curbed roads - 2 cycles per year, and (3) the Central and Ravinia Business District roadways – once weekly. Additional street sweeping services are performed as needed.

The City specifies the use of regenerative air street sweepers, which are more environmentally friendly than vacuum or mechanical broom sweepers and are capable of picking up and capturing smaller micron particles.  

Please remember that street drains are meant to collect only rainwater and that it is illegal to dump leaves, grass clippings and other debris onto City streets, inlets, storm drainage system, ravines or bluffs. Individuals are also reminded to clear leaves from gutters and to dispose of all collected leaves as yard waste.

For more information on the street sweeping program, please contact the Department of Public Works at 847.432.0807

Pothole Reporting Hotline

Springtime freeze-thaw cycles can cause potholes on roadways. To report a pothole, call the City's 24/7 pothole reporting line at 847.926.1178.