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University Avenue Sidewalk Consideration

University Avenue Sidewalk Consideration

February 15, 2024 -- Thank you to all who have participated thus far as the City evaluates a possible sidewalk along University Avenue. In Q4 2023, the City conducted a public engagement effort to obtain initial feedback from residents. Following review of the data, City staff prepared a report for the City Council. Below is a summary of the report's findings and the next steps for the project as the City continues to evaluate sidewalk continuity along University Avenue. The full report is also available for download.

Background: Leading up to and following the 2023 construction of new curbs and asphalt on University Avenue, City staff received multiple inquiries regarding the installation of sidewalks along University Avenue from Old Elm Road on the north to Old Trail, and on Old Trail to the west side of Summit Avenue, providing connectivity to existing sidewalk on the west side of Summit Avenue. In response, the City solicited general feedback from residents on their interest to the construction of a sidewalk. The City is presently in the public engagement and evaluation phase. No decisions have been made concerning the consideration of new sidewalk construction in this area.

Rationale for Revisiting this Proposal:  Consideration of the proposed sidewalk aligns with the City's MoveHP plan, which encourages non-motorized transportation through comprehensive street and sidewalk improvements throughout the City. Additionally, the relative proximity to two North Shore School District 112 schools merits consideration of sidewalk construction as a safety improvement for students who walk to school.

Feedback: The City greatly appreciates the feedback received to date regarding the consideration of new sidewalks along University Ave. and Old Trail. Letters were mailed to 112 residents utilizing the mailing list established for the 2023 construction project; the City also issued a call for feedback to the general public via the City eNews. A tally of the responses can be found in the report via the link below.

Next steps: Further study will be conducted in order to provide a more comprehensive report and recommendation to the City Council for formal consideration. Highlights of next steps include:

  • Conduct an engineering survey, including a tree impact and landscaping assessment. This will allow the City to obtain answers to questions raised by some residents who completed the survey. Once completed, the City will share this information to the project email list and the City's eNews.
  • Draft preliminary engineering designs that will be shared with the public.
  • Present information to the Transportation Advisory Group (TAG) at an upcoming TAG meeting. The date will be publicized via the email list and eNews, and the public is welcome to attend.
  • Schedule an Open House to further discuss the design and answer questions, including those related to specific residential properties (if requested.)
  • Conduct a final survey of residents to gauge interest and inform a staff recommendation to the City Council. The survey will again be sent via postal mail to properties within a designated radius, distributed to the project email list, and promoted through the general City eNews.

The City will continue to provide information to the dedicated project email list as work continues. To be added to the list, please email Periodic updates will also be included in the City's eNews as noted above. For more information or to share feedback, please email

Download the full report.