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Posters & Displays in Downtown Highland Park

November 9, 2023 -- The City continues to share the heartbreak of our community members and is deeply concerned for the approximately 240 people being held hostage by terrorists in Gaza. We acknowledge the profound impact this continues to have on our community and will have until they are all returned safely home. Across the country, including in Highland Park, individuals are showing support for the hostages and families with posters.

Since 2005, the City has set aside a specific location for the expression of public opinion. That location is at the southwest corner of St. Johns and Central Ave. To put up a display in that location, people are required to obtain a permit from City Hall pursuant to regulations found here.

However, except for this designated location, private signs are not permitted to be posted on public property and will be removed. It is important that the City apply the policy equitably to all displays on public property, regardless of content.

The City has been made aware of social media posts that include a photograph of a City employee removing posters in accordance with this policy. While the City welcomes feedback on public policy, community members are asked to remain respectful of City staff. Feedback concerning the City’s policy regarding notices of any kind on public property may be shared with the City Manager’s Office at

Displays may be placed on private property with no permit required, just the permission of the private property owner.

The City affirms our commitment to standing shoulder to shoulder with the affected individuals and the broader Jewish community. In the face of adversity, our City remains a stronghold of support, emphasizing the values of empathy, understanding and shared humanity.