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City of Highland Park Statement on Inflammatory, Antisemitic Rhetoric

City of Highland Park Statement on Inflammatory, Antisemitic Rhetoric

October 12, 2023 -- The City of Highland Park recognizes that the October 7 attacks on Israel have resulted in an increase of inflammatory, antisemitic rhetoric that is concerning. The Highland Park Police Department is collaborating with federal, state, and regional law enforcement partners in monitoring intelligence and implementing additional measures to reassure members of our community. In addition to remaining in regular contact with federal antiterrorism professionals, since the weekend, Highland Park has increased patrols in the vicinity of Highland Park synagogues, schools, and other critical infrastructure as a precautionary measure, and will continue to maintain this additional surveillance as long as it is warranted. The City will continue to remain actively engaged and will keep the community informed.

By reporting suspicious activity, everyone can play a part in helping law enforcement promote public safety. Reporting suspicious behaviors, threats, or other activity to law enforcement by calling 911 is essential. The Department of Homeland Security encourages all Americans to become familiar with suspicious behaviors and indicators of terrorism and terror-related crime. These indicators may include:

  • An expressed or implied threat to harm people or damage a building
  • An unusual interest in facilities, buildings, or infrastructure
  • Taking pictures or videos of people or infrastructure in a covert manner
  • Challenging or testing a facility’s security or IT systems
  • Unauthorized attempts to enter a restricted area
  • Impersonating authorized personnel
  • Acquiring or storing unusual materials or weapons

More information about remaining alert to suspicious activity is available at

The City unequivocally condemns antisemitism and all acts of hate. This deeply held conviction is a cornerstone of the City’s Values Statement and Statement Against Hate.