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Investigation Update: Bomb Threat at Red Oak School

Investigation Update: Bomb Threat at Red Oak School

September 22, 2023 – On Friday, September 22 at approximately 10:28 AM the City of Highland Park Police Department was notified by an out-of-state law enforcement agency that their agency received a report of an email indicating a bomb threat targeting “Red Oak School,” without specifying a location in Highland Park. The subsequent search of the school building, including the use of dogs trained in bomb detection was completed and no credible threat was found.

The City is working collaboratively with local and state agencies and the FBI because the bomb threats were received within the same timeframe as similar threats across the nation. Although the September 22 threat was not specific to Red Oak School, Highland Park, Illinois, the partner agency shared the threat out of an abundance of caution. As with the bomb threat on September 21, three other entities received a bomb threat pertaining to Red Oak School. This remains an active, ongoing investigation.

Additionally, the City has received multiple reports of a viral social media post that includes a photograph of a Red Oak School classroom. Law enforcement is investigating reported concerns, and we appreciate the community’s patience as we continue to work to protect public safety.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Police Department is increasing patrols and visits to all Highland Park schools. The City greatly appreciates our partnership with North Shore School District 112, working together to protect the safety of students and staff.