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Mayor Rotering Applauds Illinois Supreme Court's Decision to Uphold State's Assault Weapons Ban

Mayor Nancy Rotering Applauds Illinois Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold State’s Assault Weapons Ban

August 11, 2023 – Mayor Nancy Rotering issued a statement today commending the Illinois Supreme Court for its decision to uphold the state’s ban on assault weapons.

“Gun violence and mass shootings continue to be a significant threat to communities across America. The Illinois General Assembly took a significant step to stop these tragedies that have caused immense harm and trauma to countless individuals and families. While the law was challenged, we stood with Governor Pritzker and Attorney General Raoul. We were confident that the constitutionality of the State’s assault weapons ban would be upheld and thank the Illinois Supreme Court for their careful consideration of this matter.”

“Today’s Illinois Supreme Court decision to uphold the law sends a message to residents that saving lives takes precedence over thoughts and prayers and acknowledges the importance of sensible gun control measures. We as a nation do not have time to wait. The Court’s decision underscores the necessity of enacting policies that help mitigate the devastating impact of gun violence. Congress now needs to take the next step and work to end mass shootings across the nation, so that we can once again live free from this type of terrorism. All of our lives depend on it.”