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Community-wide Curbside Composting Underway

August 1, 2023 -- All-in, community-wide curbside composting is now underway! Customers may place the small, 32-gallon carts designated for kitchen and yard waste out for service alongside refuse & recycling on regular collection days. The City has been advised that not all customers have received delivery of the third cart. Those customers may use yard waste bags (no sticker required) until the third cart is delivered. LRS is planning direct outreach to those customers as well. 

As indicated on the cart lid and the graphic below, materials suitable for composting include fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, paper napkins, and grass clippings, all of which may be placed in the same cart. Although not required, compost materials may be placed in BPI Certified Compostable bags before disposal.

food compost graphic