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All-in Community-wide Composting Begins Aug. 1

All-in single-family residential curbside composting begins August 1, 2023! A new 32-gallon cart with a yellow lid will be delivered to your house curbside in mid-late July specifically for food scraps and yard waste. Beginning August 1, customers may place the third cart with compostable waste out for collection alongside trash and recycling carts year-round. This will make it easier than ever to divert food scraps and yard waste from landfills, preserving landfill space and reducing emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Material collected as part of the program will be made into compost.

Small composting carts will be delivered to customers whose regular service day is Monday or Tuesday on Monday, July 17. Carts will be delivered to customers whose regular service day is Thursday or Friday on Monday, July 31. Customers who already have an LRS 32-gallon third cart for organics/food scraps will not receive delivery of an additional cart. 

Customers may elect to opt out of cart delivery by completing the form at Customers who opt out now but later decide to use the additional composting cart will be assessed a delivery fee. Please note that all-in community composting is part of the base fee under the City's agreement with LRS, regardless of whether customers decide to use the program. 


Where can I find information about how to get started composting? 
The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County has developed a number of resources to assist residents in getting started with composting. Visit for articles, composting cheat sheets, and more.

What items may be placed in the cart?
Acceptable items include food scraps (fruits, vegetables, shells & bones, pasta/rice, eggshells, nutshells, bread & grains, meat, fish, dairy, and plants, flowers, and other yard waste. Approved compostable bags may also be placed in the container. Plastic, metal, and glass may not be placed in the compost/yard waste cart. This graphic from LRS highlights items that are appropriate for composting, recycling, and trash:

Can I opt out of cart delivery?
Yes, you may opt out of cart delivery at However, the program is part of the base fee under the City's agreement with LRS. If you opt out now, but decide to participate at a later date, you will be responsible for a delivery fee for the cart. 

Who is eligible?
This program applies to all single-family residential customers. 

When can I start using the cart?
Program pick-ups begin August 1. 

Do I need to be home to take delivery of the cart?
No. The cart will be delivered curbside. 

Do current composting subscribers need to take any action?
The City's all-in community-wide composting program provides organics collection of the one (1) designated 32-gallon cart to all Highland Park single-family residential customers. It is not a replacement for subscription customers who currently pay an annual fee to enjoy unlimited service weekly.  Current subscription customers who would like to continue to receive pickups of multiple bags, bundles, or personal carts when they would like without the need for stickers should remain subscribed to the program.