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July 4 Events: Parking Information

July 4, 2023 Events

June 30, 2023 -- Please see below for travel and parking options for individuals attending the July 4, 2023 events. For a quick reference, please view the following maps of the event areas:

Parking Information

Remembrance Ceremony & Community Walk
Multiple parking lots and plentiful on-street parking will be available for individuals driving to attend morning events in downtown Highland Park. Parking options include:

On Street Parking:

  • On Sheridan Road between Central Avenue and Elm Place in legal marked spaces
  • On Elm Place between Sheridan Road and Green Bay Road in legal marked spaces
  • On First Street north of Elm Place in legal marked spaces
  • On Second Street north of Elm Place in legal marked spaces
  • On Laurel Avenue between Memorial Park and Dale Avenue in legal spaces
  • On Elm Place (W/B) between Sheridan Road and Linden Avenue in legal spaces
  • On Central Avenue between Sheridan Road and Linden Avenue in legal spaces
  • On Laurel Avenue between First Street and Hickory Street in legal spaces
  • On Deerfield Road between Hickory Street and Central Avenue in legal spaces.
  • On Second Street Between Laurel Avenue and Walnut Place in legal spaces
  • On McGovern Street between Laurel Avenue and Deerfield Road in legal spaces
  • On Homewood Avenue between Green Bay Road and Midlothian Avenue

Parking lots:

  • West Central Train Station Parking Lot
  • 1716 First Street Lot
  • 1715 Second Street Lot
  • LaSalle Place City Parking Area
  • Presbyterian Church -330 Laurel Avenue is posted City use spaces
  • IC Church- 770 Deerfield Road in posted City parking areas- Lower Lot
  • Central Avenue East-South Lot- 420 Central Avenue
  • Ori South Lot- 435 Central Avenue
  • Ori North Lot- 410 Central Avenue
  • Renaissance Place East Surface Lot- 1910 Second Street- VIA Elm Pl. Driveway
  • Renaissance Place West Surface Lot- 1825 Green Bay Road
  • Renaissance Place Parking Garage- 1849 Green Bay Road
  • Second Street Elm Place North Lot- 1955 Second Street
  • 1897 Second Street Lot
  • Highland Park High School Lots – 433 Vine

Independence Day Community Picnic: Parking is available at Sunset Woods Park and Highland Park Hospital. Please be aware that access to the Park will only be available via Park Ave. W.

Wolters Field Evening Parking:
  • Highland Park Rec Center Lot (1201 Park Ave. W., first-come, first-served)
  • Highland Park Hospital Lot (777 Homewood Ave off of Park Ave West; southeast lot)
  • Staples Parking Lot (1931 Skokie Valley Road, via Park Avenue Driveway)
  • Sunset Woods Park Lot (1801 Green Bay Road)

Bicycle Parking
Additional bike racks will be located in the pocket park at Elm Place just north of St Johns and in the northern section of the West Central Train Station parking lot.

Please be advised that there will be no train service to the Highland Park Central Train Station between 9:20 AM - noon on July 4.