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June 27 & 28: Air Quality Index Alert

June 27, 2023 -- Air Quality Alerts and Ozone Action Days have been declared by the ILEPA and IDEM as poor air quality will continue through Wednesday. Please see for additional forecasts, safety information, and tips on how you can reduce your emissions.

The National Weather Service advises that poor air quality due to ozone and wildfire smoke from Canada will continue through Wednesday, June 28, causing the translucent, overcast haze impacting visibility. It is recommended that individuals avoid spending extended periods of time outdoors, particularly those with a chronic respiratory condition.

According to the Lake County Health Department, poor air quality can aggravate health problems like asthma, heart disease, and lung disease. Poor air quality can cause headaches, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and irritated eyes, sinuses, and throat, among other impacts. 

The air quality alert will remain in place until the evening of June 28, 2023. The air quality will still be less than ideal over the next 24-36 hours.