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The Planning Division is responsible for the administration of appropriate City ordinances to preserve neighborhood character and enhance the City's quality of life within the context of the City's Comprehensive Master Plan.

The Planning Division coordinates both current and long-range community planning activities for the City, providing:

  • Staff liaisons that serve seven different City Boards and Commissions
  • Administration of the Zoning Code and real estate entitlements such as Special Use Permits, Planned Developments, Design Review, and Zoning Variations
  • Administration of the City's Inclusionary Housing Program
  • Coordination of long-range projects including master planning and urban design
  • Development and support for cultural arts and environmental programs
  • Education of the community on the importance of the City's historic and cultural resources
Commonly Requested Resources
Please click the text links in the colored boxes below to obtain useful Planning Division information.

Other Resources
  • Online Zoning Map:  Also accessible through the "Community Portal" link above, this online mapping tool provides you with the zoning district for any property in Highland Park. 
    1. Enter an address into the search bar and click the magnifying glass icon
    2. Click on the property to get the zoning district
             Note the map may take time to load at first.

  • City of Highland Park Master Plan The City’s Comprehensive Master Plan, most recently amended in 1997, is a product of extensive public involvement over many years. Through collaborative effort, the community identified the basic core values and principles important to most residents of Highland Park and used them to establish goals and objectives for its future.  
  • Design Guidelines This document illustrates the Design Review Standards of Chapter 176. The Guidelines provide design direction throughout the Design Development and Review process. They should be used by architects, developers, property owners, and the Plan and Design Commission to evaluate and guide design for non-single-family structures throughout Highland Park and within its downtown.
  • Move HP A PDF planning document that addresses the City's bicycle and pedestrian resources and goals
  • Biking in Highland Park A list of resources and links that may assist in experiencing Highland Park by bicycle.
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