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Together Highland Park Unidos Media Kit

As recommended by OVC, it is recommended that the City move away from HP Strong. We will replace HP Strong with Together Highland Park Unidos. The tagline will easily adapt for Spanish and English versions in a single image or phrase. The Together Highland Park Unidos mark was designed by Michael Pfeifer of Pfang Multimedia. In alignment with the City’s branding, the Together Highland Park Unidos mark will identify resources, services, and programming to support individuals impacted by the Highland Park shooting. Recognizing that many would like to create yard signs, posters, car magnets and other items, the design files are available for community use. The City requests that individuals who sell items with the logo clearly disclose that the product is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the City of Highland Park.

The artwork files are made available as-is. Please note that City staff are not able to assist with design work or related troubleshooting.

The Together Highland Park Unidos media kit is available here: