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Halloween 2020

October 27, 2020: Given the recent rise in cases in Lake and Cook Counties and the Lake County Health Department's recommendation that schools pivot to virtual learning, the City continues to discourage individuals from trick-or-treating. The City is not encouraging trick-or-treating because the CDC classifies trick-or-treating as a higher-risk activity. However, should you choose to participate, please read the below information carefully and follow the recommended precautions. The CDC provides suggested alternate activities, and the City has a list of local events and ideas at

Instead, the City of Highland Park encourages families to celebrate Halloween safely this year in light of ongoing health concerns due to COVID-19, with fun household and virtual activities. With the proper precautions, everyone can enjoy a safe and spooky celebration - although the way we celebrate may look different this year. 

On September 22, 2020, the CDC released guidelines for holiday activitiesThe CDC has determined that traditional, door-to-door trick-or-treating is a higher-risk activity. The CDC recommends that individuals and families avoid higher-risk activities as much as possible. While the City is not encouraging trick-or-treating, the list of guidelines below should be reviewed along with the CDC's recommendations before choosing to participate. The Illinois Department of Public Health has also issued guidelines in line with the guidance of the CDC.

Not all families will feel comfortable participating in trick-or-treating this year; teach children not to ring the doorbell if a light is not on and this flyer is not displayed. 
Participating in trick-or-treating is a personal choice for each family, and neighbors may choose differently from others based on their own comfort levels. All trick-or-treaters - young and the young at heart! - are encouraged to be respectful of their neighbors' decisions to participate in trick-or-treating or not. Should your family choose to trick-or-treat, please carefully review the guidelines below, and practice the 3Ws as you would for any outdoor activity. 

COVID-19 Trick-or-Treating Guidelines

Trick-or-Treating Participation Flyer

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