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Resurgence Mitigations

Region 9 is currently operating under Phase 4 Guidelines. Resurgence mitigations are not currently in effect for Region 9. To learn more, see the FAQ below.

February 3, 2021 -- The Illinois Department of Public Health announced that Region 9 (Lake and McHenry Counties) advanced to Phase 4 effective immediately on February 3, 2021. In Region 9, the seven-day rolling average remained below 6.5% for three consecutive days, and metrics regarding hospitalizations and ICU capacity were met.
The Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity issued Phase 4 guidelines. DCEO also provides information for each sector.

What's New in Phase 4?
  • Indoor dining: Indoor dining continues with social distancing and masking guidelines. Keep in mind the following guidelines:
    • Dining groups are limited to 10 individuals or fewer.
    • Capacity for standing areas is limited; please maintain a distance from others and wear a face covering at all times in standing areas.
    • Provide contact information for contact tracing.
    • Seated areas should be arranged so that tables allow for 6 feet between parties.
    • Wear a mask when not eating or drinking, including before your meal arrives and after your meal is finished. Masks should cover the mouth and nose. Wear your mask if you need to cough or sneeze.
    Gatherings: Social gatherings of up to 50 individuals are permitted under Phase 4 guidelines, room capacity permitting. The CDC continues to encourage individuals to limit gatherings to household members as much as possible.
    Indoor & Outdoor Recreation: Phase 4 guidelines continue to apply. In Tier 1, most indoor recreation facilities reopened with capacity limits in place. However, indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks should remain closed.
    Capacity limits of no more than 50% occupancy continue for retail and personal care businesses. More detailed information is available here.
    The State of Illinois provides more information about the provisions and expansions of Phase 4, and industry-specific guidelines for reopening.

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