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Face Coverings

The CDC has issued updated guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to help all Americans make the safest choice when determining how and whether to participate in activities. The CDC urges everyone to consider local COVID-19 metrics first and reminds Americans that outdoor visits and activities are safer options for everyone.
For indoor activities, it's safest to wear a face mask, even if you have been fully vaccinated. In addition, as you'll see in the summary graphics below, the CDC has determined that many indoor activities are "less safe" for unvaccinated individuals - even while wearing a face mask. If you haven't been vaccinated but are ready to do so, the links above may help you find an appointment.

Learn more about the risk levels of various activities from the CDC.


As a reminder, healthcare workers and first responders can only use medical-grade masks. There is no need for members of the public to wear N95 or surgical masks. If you have a supply of N95 or surgical masks and are willing to donate them to healthcare workers, click here to learn more .

The Illinois Department of Public Health has shared a social story regarding face coverings from Hands and Voices, an organization advocating for the needs of Deaf and hard-of-hearing adults and children. The story uses real pictures and simple language to help children understand why it is important to wear face coverings. Please note that the story uses the term "face masks," because it is simpler and more accessible for children. 

Find patterns and more information below. 

Last updated April 28, 2021.

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