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North Shore School District 112 Project

North Shore School District 112
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Highland Park, IL 60035
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BDR3 Staffing 2017-2018 Outlook
At Tuesday's Board Meeting, a majority of the Board gave direction to delay Budget Deficit Reduction III (BDR3). Members called for a future special board meeting to have further discussion and to vote on the delay. It is not known at this time whether the entire BDR3 plan will be suspended or whether parts of the plan will be implemented. It is not known whether Elm Place, Ravinia, Green Bay and Lincoln will all remain open. In addition, increased class size guidelines, program consolidation, and building configurations (such as Dual Language Academies) need to be further discussed.

A presentation by the administration, Update on BDR3: An Interim Plan Toward a Long-Term Solution was not given. The presentation provided information requested by the Board of Education. Staffing models were developed and take into consideration the closures of Elm Place, Ravinia, Green Bay, and Lincoln. The estimated annual savings from staff consolidation in the remaining 8 school buildings is $5 million dollars in savings each year. This presentation can be found here.

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