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Sheridan Road Sidewalk Project

2019 Update: The Sheridan Rd sidewalk project is in design phase. As noted before, Sheridan Rd is under IDOT jurisdiction and the City is working with IDOT on securing a permit. Recently, the City was notified about receiving grant funds for the Sheridan Rd sidewalk project. The City is also coordinating the construction of this sidewalk with IDOT’s project, replacing the two culverts on Sheridan Rd with bridges. IDOT’s 5-yr program shows the bridge work is scheduled in years 2020 to 2023. The construction of Sheridan Rd sidewalk, upon approval of funds by the City, will be coordinated with IDOT’s bridge construction work on Sheridan Rd, just south of Rosewood Beach entrance. Both these projects will see significant impact on traffic and parkway areas as discussed at multiple public meetings.

At the June 12, 2017 public meeting, City staff presented the Sheridan Rd sidewalk project. IDOT owns Sheridan Rd whereas the City owns Roger Williams Ave. The presentation included public feedback received from 2016 and 2017 open houses, conceptual drawings showing the sidewalk on east and west side, tree impacts on either side, cost, upcoming IDOT bridge project, and other pertinent information. Upon hearing the presentation and discussion among Council, the direction was to move forward with the design of sidewalk on east side of Sheridan Rd. The City submitted a request to IDOT to reconsider installation of STOP signs on Sheridan Rd at the intersection with Roger Williams Ave. In addition, the City submitted a request IDOT to install wayfinding sign, "Stairs to Rosewood Beach", on Sheridan Rd. IDOT approved installation of one wayfinding sign. The approval is for one sign south of Roger Williams, along the east side of Sheridan Road. The sign will serve to notify northbound pedestrian traffic of the stairs that offer access to Rosewood Beach. The signs have been installed. 

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On July 19, 2016 the City held an Open House Meeting for the proposed Sheridan Road Sidewalk Project. The project plans were also discussed with City Council at a public meeting. The project limits are from Roger Williams Avenue to the Cedar Avenue/Dean Avenue intersection. The sidewalk project is divided into two phases. Phase I is from Roger Williams Avenue to the Rosewood Beach Entrance. Phase II is from the Rosewood Beach Entrance to the Cedar/Dean Avenue intersection. Based on public feedback, the City has updated the sidewalk plans. The current plans show proposed sidewalk on west side of Sheridan Road. Sheridan Road is under IDOT jurisdiction and will require approval from IDOT to construct the public sidewalk. Click on this LINK for project update.