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Clavey Road Reconstruction Project

The Clavey Road Reconstruction Project extends from US Route 41 to Green Bay Road. The scope of work for this project includes:

  • Reconstruction of Clavey Road from U.S. Route 41 to Green Bay Road.
  • Replacement of the Clavey Road Bridge over Skokie River.  
  • Upsizing Storm Sewers Designed to meet current City standards.
  • Replacement of an aging Water Main, as needed.
  • New 8-foot wide asphalt multi-use path on the south side of Clavey Road.
  • Multiple Pedestrian Crosswalks safety improvements.
  • Landscape restoration disturbed during construction.

The City received State and Federal grant funding on this project as such each phase of the project requires approval from IDOT prior to initiating work on a phase. In addition, for each phase the City was required to go through procurement policies to select an engineering consultant. The City received Phase I Preliminary Engineering approval in late 2018 from IDOT. In Feb 2018, the City submitted paperwork to IDOT seeking permission to start Phase II Design Engineering work. Once approved the City will submit engineering plans for both Phase II Design Engineering and Phase III Construction.

Based on IDOT’s approval process, we anticipate completion of design work in mid-2020 with construction to start in 2021. The majority of construction is expected to occur in 2021. A separate landscape contract is anticipated the first quart of 2022.  During Phase II Design Engineering, the City will implement value engineering strategies to enhance proposed improvements and also minimize disruption to residents and visitors while providing cost effective and desirable project outcome. Current construction cost estimate is $10 million with grant funding accounting for 80% of the costs. The City’s share is estimated at $2,000,000.

Second Public Meeting 

The City held a Project Informational Meeting for the Clavey Road Reconstruction Project on July 30, 2019. Approximately 20 members from the public attended this meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to provide an update on the status of this project and to present a new Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Concept. The new MOT concept maintains two-way traffic throughout the Clavey Road Corridor during the construction of this project. At the bridge that carries Clavey Road over the Skokie River the lane configuration is reduced to one lane with a traffic signal in place to allow one movement of traffic a one time.

As noted earlier the MOT Concept Plan maintains two-way traffic (one eastbound and one-westbound lane) throughout the corridor during the construction. The table below provides a summary of the MOT Concept Plan:

Item Description


Pedestrian Access Maintained at All Times


Bridge Construction Joints

2 Each

Number of Separate Construction Stages

5 Each

Additional Tree Removal to Maintain Traffic

69 Each

Private Utility Impacts

ComEd Poles Along North Side Need to be Relocated

Estimated Construction Time

13 months

Estimated Additional Cost to Maintain Traffic



 For additional information on the MOT Concept Plan, please click here.

The bridge that carries Clavey Road over the Skokie River will be replaced with a new bridge. At the last Second Public Meeting a request was made to provide samples of aesthetic treatments made to bridges at other locations. Complying with this request please click on this link to view sample options.

If would like to send a feedback or need additional information, please contact Manny Gomez, P.E. at 847.432.0807 or via email at

Additional project information is available at under the Clavey Road tab. Questions or comments concerning this project may be directed to Emmanuel Gomez, City Engineer at 847.432.0807 or at