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Statement of Mayor Nancy R. Rotering Regarding Gun Violence Survivors Week and the SECURE Firearm Storage Act

Statement of Mayor Nancy R. Rotering Regarding Gun Violence Survivors Week and the SECURE Firearm Storage Act

February 3, 2023 – On Friday, February 3, the City of Highland Park hosted a press conference organized by Senator Richard J. Durbin and Congressman Bradley S. Schneider in recognition of Gun Violence Survivors Week. The press conference also served as an opportunity to introduce the SECURE Firearm Storage Act. City of Highland Park Mayor Nancy R. Rotering delivered the following remarks to welcome Senator Durbin and Congressman Schneider, and reflect on the ongoing impact of gun violence in the wake of the Highland Park shooting. The following are Mayor Rotering’s remarks:

“Welcome. Thank you to our friends and colleagues Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Brad Schneider for bringing us together today to talk about the bicameral legislation that they have introduced to reduce gun violence across our nation, and to recognize Gun Violence Survivors’ Week - the week in which the average number of American gun deaths surpass peer nations’ gun death experiences in an entire year.

Tragically, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, America’s gun death rate is 13 times greater than our peer nations’. Every day in the US, on average, 110 people are shot and killed, more than 200 people survive gunshot wounds, and countless others are traumatized by acts of gun violence…in Highland Park’s case, thousands.

While a state-wide ban on assault weapons is now in place - thank you Rep. Morgan and Senator Morrison, and we know it will make it that much harder for someone with horrible intentions to obtain a combat weapon, we are keenly aware that no state is an island. Gun trafficking by criminals across our state borders is a frightening reality.

In the absence of a federal assault weapons ban, the SECURE Firearm Storage Act is common-sense legislation that respects the Second Amendment and will also help keep guns out of the wrong hands, preventing them from bringing carnage to our communities. So too will the efforts behind the Keep Americans Safe - Large Capacity Magazine Ban, the Assault Weapons Ban, and the Default Proceed Transparency Act.

For the last seven months, we have individually and collectively experienced unbelievable grief. We remember and honor the seven individuals who were taken too soon, and we keep the more than four dozen injured, several of whom have joined us today, many still trying to recover physically and emotionally from these devastating and complex wounds, and their families in our thoughts. 

We promised them that their loss and their pain would be a catalyst to action. It is imperative that we deliver on our promise to act against the gun violence epidemic that plagues our nation.

We know that the fight against gun violence doesn’t end here. Thank you to our state and federal champions, and all the co-sponsors of legislation designed to end this unnecessary suffering and fear.

It is now my honor to introduce Senator Dick Durbin.”