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New: Digital Parking Permitting with Passport

November 28, 2022 -- The City of Highland Park has entered into a contract with Passport Mobile Parking to provide a digital permit system for the community. The new parking platform will be used throughout all of Highland Park and its associated business districts. Daily Parking Permits and formerly metered spaces will switch to digital permits in December 2022.

For  users, this means:

  • All permits will be digital, no more hang-tag permits will be in use (for Student Parking Permit holders, the new system will go into effect in the second semester). Registering for Passport Parking via the website or mobile app is free of charge. Usual parking rates still apply. 
  • Daily Permit parking will now be available for purchase only through the Passport website, Passport Mobile App, or at one of seven (7) payment kiosks throughout the parking system  (kiosks only accept credit/debit). 
  • All parking meters will be replaced with new cashless, digital payment options through Passport.
  • The Passport Mobile App is available for Apple and Android phone users at no cost. Signage indicating the appropriate zone number to use when paying by app will be in place at all Passport App parking locations. QR codes will also be available at parking lots to make it easy to park, scan, and pay. All data is encrypted to ensure safe and secure payment. 

Kiosk Locations for Daily Permit Parking

Individuals may choose to pay via kiosks located at seven convenient locations throughout Highland Park. Please note that kiosks will not accept cash. Payments must be made via credit/debit.

Onsite Payment Kiosks Map

Central Train Station West (Lot 1)

1715 First Street

One Kiosk will cover both locations

Central Train Station East (Lot 7)

1710 St. Johns Ave

CBD West Upper / Lower (Lot 2)

1785 First Street

One Kiosk

CBD East Upper / Lower (Lot 6)

1790 St. Johns Ave

One Kiosk

Ori South (Lot 11)

435 Central Ave

One Kiosk will cover both locations

Ori North (Lot 12)

426 Park Ave

Port Clinton Garage Upper (Lot 3 P1)

601 Laurel Ave

One Kiosk

Ravinia Train Station East (RAV 2)

700 St. Johns Ave

One Kiosk will cover both locations

Ravinia Train Station West (Rav 3)

677 Burton Ave

Braeside Train Station West (BR 1)

51 Blackhawk Road

One Kiosk will cover both locations

Braeside Train Station East (BR 2)

100 St. Johns Avenue

Purchasing Permits

Beginning December 19, 2022 the following Permits will be available for purchase online only through the dedicated Highland Park Passport Permit site. All data is encrypted to ensure safe and secure payment.

  • Permit Types: Daily Commuter, Commuter Annual, Commuter Quarterly, Commuter Remote, Commuter Overnight, Employee Annual, Employee Quarterly, Remote Employee, Employee Underground, Student Permit, All-night O Parking permits, Garage Overnight - Resident, Garage Overnight - Non-Resident, Commercial A Permit (1671 Old Skokie), Residential Parking Permit (1770 First St), Port Clinton Overnight, Low Income Commuter Overnight, Low Income All Night Permit, Low Income Commuter
Purchasers may identify up to two license plates for any one household per permit, allowing users to switch between vehicles without having to regularly change information in the system. Note no more than one vehicle may use the permit at a given time; when both cars are utilizing permit spaces, only the primary will be covered by the permit. 

Permit holders for classes of permits that require additional information, such as Employee Permits, will be prompted to upload the required documentation at the time of online purchase. City staff will then review and approve virtually, at which time the sale will be completed. If you qualify for low-income benefits, including reduced parking permit fees, please make sure your annual application is on file with the City Finance Department prior to purchasing your parking permit online.

Parking Meters

All Parking Meters, both on street and in lots, will be replaced with the Passport Mobile permit app parking that will go live soon. Passport is a cashless system and eliminates the need to carry cash and coins for parking. To prepare for the launch of Passport, the City encourages those who utilize parking to download the Passport Mobile App and register their account. Instructions are available here. Once Passport launches, when it is time to park, look for the unique zone number on Passport Highland Park signs and decals, enter the session information, and choose a payment method. Users will receive alerts before their parking session expires, have the ability to view their parking history, and download receipts from the Passport website. All data is encrypted to ensure safe and secure payment. 

Daily Hang Tag Buy-Back Program

The City recognizes that users may have pre-purchased Daily Hang Tag permits. As the community transitions to Passport Parking, a “buy-back” program is going into effect to reimburse those who pre-purchased Daily Permit hang tags. If you have any unused Daily Permit hang tags for the City of Highland Park, the City will buy them back between December 12, 2022 and March 31, 2023. Applications for refunds will be accepted at the City Hall Finance Counter during normal business hours (Monday by appointment, Tuesday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM). Those interested in the buy-back program must bring in all unused Daily Permit hang tags as well as complete an application requiring their name, address, phone number, and email address before a refund can be issued by the City. Refunds will not be given over the counter; they will be processed through the City’s accounts payable system and a refund check will be issued. Applications are available.

Rate of Refund Per Permit Year

  • 2020-current: $3.00/each
  • 2019 and prior years: $2.00/each

Timeframe of Buy-Back Program

  • 12/12/2022 through 3/31/2023


  • Customers must bring back any unused daily hang tag permits.
  • Customers must submit a form that includes their name, address, phone number, and email address must be completed. (No W-9 required)

Please contact the City Manager’s Office with any questions at 847.926.1000.