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Ruse Burglary Attempt

City of Highland Park Police Investigating Ruse Burglary Attempt

 August 8, 2022– On Monday, August 8, 2022, at 3:21 PM, Highland Park Police responded to a reported ruse burglary in the 2300 block of Shady Lane. The first of three offenders told the resident that there was an issue with their water. The first offender was reportedly wearing a traffic/construction vest with a fraudulent Lake County name tag on it. A second offender approached and attempted to assist the first offender in distracting the resident while a third offender entered the home and proceeded to the second-floor bedrooms. Another resident observed the third offender and shouted to call the police. The three offenders attempted to prevent the residents from calling 911 and fled the scene in a silver SUV. There were no reported injuries. At this time, it is unknown if anything was taken from the residence. The investigation remains ongoing. 


Offender #1 – Black male, heavyset, blue shirt, traffic/construction vest
Offender #2 – Hispanic male, heavyset
Offender #3 – Black male, tall, medium build, white shirt, traffic/construction vest

Vehicle – Silver or grey, 4 door SUV with a green rear license plate

Anyone with information or video surveillance footage is asked to call the Highland Park Police Department at 847.432.7730.

Ruse burglaries are property crimes where one or multiple suspects work together to distract homeowners to gain access to their homes and steal cash, jewelry, electronics, or other valuables. The City has produced a PSA to inform the community about the nature of ruse burglaries and ways to prevent them, available at

The Highland Park Police Department recommends the following tips to prevent ruse burglaries:

  • If someone claiming to represent a utility company, the City, or another organization, comes to your door and asks to come inside or walk around with you on your property, you should confirm their identity. Call the company they claim to represent to confirm. Some common utility contact numbers are available at If they claim to represent the City, call the public safety line at 847.432.7730 for confirmation.
  • If you have not received a service request or notification from the utility or company, be wary! Do not allow the person to enter your home until you have confirmed with the company that the individual claims to represent.
  • Call the company with the phone number listed on your bill, the company’s official website, or on the City’s website. Do not call a phone number provided by the person at your door.
  • Keep your screen or storm door locked. When answering the door, speak with the visitor through the screen door.
  • Don’t invite the person inside while you wait for confirmation that their visit is legitimate.
  • Keep valuables out of sight, or in a locked and secured safe.