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One-month Remembrance

August 4, 2022 -- Today, August 4, 2022, marks one month since our community experienced incomprehensible tragedy. There are no words to describe the magnitude of the loss we have suffered. We all continue to share in the sorrow of the families mourning the senseless killing of seven beloved people:

Katherine Goldstein
Irina McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy
Stephen Straus
Jacquelyn Sundheim
Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza
Eduardo Uvaldo

Highland Park also stands firmly in support of the victims injured in this tragic incident, whose lives are forever transformed by mere seconds of violence.

We can expect to encounter a variety of emotions over the months and years that follow; there is no universal path forward.  The thousands of people lining the parade route who escaped physical injury may carry that trauma well into the future. We are committed to continued partnerships with local organizations, including 211 Lake County, Family Service of Lake County, North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic, the Highwood Public Library and Community Center and the Highland Park Community Foundation to provide essential support to everyone impacted by the July 4 tragedy. Information is available at and

Over the past month, we have all become acquainted with the particular grief that encompasses communities that have endured the pain of a mass shooting. But we have also encountered moments of inspiration and resilience. We have been moved by music and art. We have seen advocacy and action. We have found comfort in quiet remembrance and in gathering together.

We will not allow this tragedy to define the community that we all love so dearly, but will work together towards resilience, honoring the memory of those who were killed and meeting each other with grace and empathy. Over the last month, we have experienced for ourselves that it is how we respond to moments of tragedy and trial that defines who we are and exemplifies the values we share. We are compassionate. We are leaders. We are welcoming. We are courageous.

We are one. We are Highland Park.

The City gratefully acknowledges the support of countless neighbors, volunteers, more than 115 government and law enforcement agencies, faith communities, businesses, and other partner organizations in the weeks since the tragedy, especially: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice Office of Victims of Crime, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Lake County IL Government, the Lake County Emergency Management Agency, the Lake County State's Attorney's Office, Glenview Public Safety Dispatch, the Park District of Highland Park, the Highland Park Public Library, North Shore School District 112, Township High School District 113, the Highwood Public Library and Community Center, Moraine Township, United Way of Lake County, Family Service of Lake County, the North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic, and Ravinia Festival.