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Message from Mayor Rotering

August 2, 2022 -- “How are you?” This question is commonly glossed over as a simple pleasantry. In the days and weeks following the massacre in our hometown, I see more people pausing to really listen. The answers and conversations usually involve grief and uncertainty.

There is no timeline for how long grief lasts, or how you should feel after a particular time, but we are fortunate that we can lean on each other and seek guidance and reassurance from community leaders as we find the strength to move forward as individuals and as a community. Last week, I met with representatives from our sister governments and area clergy. Thank you to all who participated in both meetings and for your deep commitment to all of us.

Public Safety is a core priority of the City of Highland Park. The City’s nationally accredited Police, Public Works, and Fire Departments are known for the highest level of standards and exceptional service. The City’s public safety team, professional staff, and elected officials are proud to work closely with Lake County, School District 112, School District 113, the Park District of Highland Park, the Highland Park Public Library, Moraine Township, West Deerfield Township, and the North Shore Water Reclamation District. Professional staff and elected leaders from each government met to continue a conversation about safety practices and resources, many of which have already been put into place or are being considered.

Our clergy have a unique calling to help others cope during times of loss, conflict, and tragedy. Faith leaders were briefed on the plethora of resources, services, and public safety assistance available to their congregants and respective houses of worship. This is a compassionate and competent group. They collectively encouraged all of us to lean on them as they are willing and ready to help us recognize and accept our emotions, and they can guide us towards the tangible, practical things that we can do to ease the path ahead.

Thank you again to these dedicated leaders and to each member of our community for stepping up and confronting the challenges that lie ahead. Support, resources, and reassurance are available.

We are one. We are Highland Park.

Nancy R. Rotering
Mayor, City of Highland Park