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Draft Historic Preservation Plan

June 7, 2022 -- Share your thoughts on the City's first Historic Preservation Plan! The plan outlines the City’s vision, goals, regulations, and responsibilities related to preserving the City’s architectural and historic resources. The final review draft preservation plan is now available for public review and feedback. Please send comments and questions to Zubin Coleman, Planner II at

Historic preservation of architecturally significant structures is a priority for the City. Highland Park’s neighborhoods are home to three local historic districts, five national historic districts, and over 600 properties with historically significant structures. As part of an ongoing effort, the City has developed architectural resource surveys for eight neighborhood areas which serve as an essential source of historical & architectural information in Highland Park. Please follow this link to view these surveys and learn more about the architectural resources of Highland Park, including the most recently completed architectural resource survey - the Sunset Terrace subdivision/neighborhood (July 2021.)

It is the responsibility of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) to make recommendations to the City Council on matters concerning historic preservation. Since its inception, the Historic Preservation Commission has actively researched local properties that may be eligible for landmark designation by the City Council. The commission's other activities include the review of proposed exterior alterations to landmarks or to contributing features in historic districts, as well as promoting community awareness of historic preservation through public education programs such as tours and lectures and sponsorship of the annual Highland Park Preservation Awards.