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City Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

City Hall UkraineMarch 2, 2022 -- The City of Highland Park is proud to join the global community in standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are defending their country from a heinous invasion by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Beginning this evening, March 2, City Hall is illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Ukraine’s national colors, blue and gold, are deeply meaningful. Blue is representative of the sky, and gold is illustrative of Ukraine’s fields of grain. Together, these colors serve as the embodiment of Ukraine’s motto: freedom above bread. Freedom and self-determination are at the heart of Ukraine’s national ethos, just as essential as they are to our own American identity.

The City also stands in support of Highland Park’s Ukrainian community, sharing in their concern for loved ones abroad, and grieving for the many lives lost. In addition to the tragic loss of innocent civilians killed during this unjustified invasion, these devastating attacks have resulted in a refugee crisis that will displace millions of people. The City strongly endorses efforts made to support the evacuation of civilians, especially unaccompanied children, from Ukraine and the unprecedented resettlement efforts led by Ukraine’s neighboring nations.

The United States is responding to this humanitarian crisis through USAID,  which has so far provided nearly $405 million to help vulnerable communities across Ukraine. American individuals who wish to support humanitarian relief should send cash donations (rather than packages) to reputable relief organizations with established work in Ukraine. Before making a financial contribution to a charity, research how the organization uses its donations, and ensure that your donation is designated to support the crisis in Ukraine.

Lists of organizations to consider supporting are available from the following sources: