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2021-2022 Volunteer Snow Shoveling Assistance Program

November 15, 2021 -- The City's volunteer snow shoveling program serves low-income elderly and disabled residents of Highland Park. Income-qualified individuals who are interested in receiving assistance from the Volunteer Snow Shoveling Program may register in advance by calling City Social Services Coordinator Jennifer Aiello at 847.432.4110. After a snowfall of 2 inches or more, registered individuals may request assistance with shoveling the home’s driveway and walkway; every effort will be made to secure and dispatch a volunteer team to assist within 48 hours. The homeowner will be responsible for providing shovels, ice-melting materials, etc. Volunteers and recipients will be required to complete City of Highland Park liability waivers.

For further information and to request service, please contact Jennifer Aiello, Social Services Coordinator at 847.432.4110 or