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Highland Park Reaffirms Statement Against Hate

Mayor Rotering, City Council, and City staff reaffirm Highland Park's Statement Against Hate, which clearly states our community’s values and support for a just and equitable society, just as we did last spring following the tragic death of George Floyd. You can learn more about the City’s longstanding work to foster an inclusive and welcoming community at We will continue to have meaningful dialogue with community members around the important topics of diversity, equity, and justice. 

The City’s primary mission is the community’s public safety and well-being, and it is our intent that everyone, whether visiting, residing, or working in Highland Park, feels safe and welcome in our community. Residents, business owners and employees, and guests should feel confident that the City is prepared to ensure community safety in the event of an emergency in a respectful and responsive manner, fully aligned with our values which affirm our commitment against discrimination and harassment. 

Please contact the City Manager's Office with any questions at or 847.926.1000.