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Highland Park Police Department Administrative Policies Available on City Website

Highland Park Police Department Administrative PoliciesAvailable on City Website
Community Engagement and Education Event Planned for Fall 2020

On Friday, August 14, 2020, the City of Highland Park made available to the public its written directive system of General Orders for the Police Department. These Orders set forth standards, values, and expectations of the Department employees.  In keeping with the City’s commitment to transparency and accountability, the Orders are accessible at and will be updated regularly as changes are made.

“We recognize that several recent instances of use of force by law enforcement have prompted Americans nationwide to want to learn more about their own communities’ commitments to fair and equitable policing,” said Highland Park Chief of Police Lou Jogmen. “I am confident that Highland Park residents will appreciate the comprehensive system of standards guiding the Police Department’s public safety services.” In June, Chief Jogmen presented to City Council an overview of the Police Department’s implementation of policies in support of fair and equitable policing, including the endorsement of the six pillars of 21st Century Policing, the Shared Principles of Public Safety, and other best practices.

The publication of the Police Department’s General Orders follows a compilation of the City’s internal and external diversity, inclusion, and community engagement initiatives into one central location, which can be found at

“The City of Highland Park strives to foster a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community,” said Mayor Nancy Rotering. “This important action serves to reinforce the City’s commitment to transparency and works to further strengthen the partnership between law enforcement and the public.”

 To continue open dialogue and create opportunities for engagement with residents, Mayor Rotering, City Manager Ghida Neukirch, Chief Jogmen, Commanders Gerald Cameron and Jenny Olson, and Sergeant Sean Curran, as well as one of the department’s Police Beat Coordinators, will meet with residents to share highlights of the City’s initiatives, practices and procedures, and address questions of residents.  The virtual event will be scheduled in October.  Further details will be available on the City’s website and communicated via email and social media. 

 When it is safe to do so, the Highland Park Police Department will host a new program, Community Education and Police Engagement. This in-person event is designed to provide interested adults (ages 18+) with an opportunity to delve into the work of the Police Department. Through small group presentations, live simulations of emergency calls such as domestic violence or armed robbery, and a tour of Police Department facilities and vehicles, participants will leave with a better understanding of the practical application of the regulations and best practices enumerated in the Police Department’s General Orders.

 Questions regarding the Police Department’s General Orders should be directed to the Highland Park Police Department at 847.433.7730.

Further information regarding the Meet the City virtual event and the City’s broader diversity and inclusion initiatives may be found at Additional questions should be directed to the City Manager’s Office at 847.926.1000.