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Archived (May 2020): City Issues Supplemental Order Regarding Outdoor Tennis and Racket Sports

June 1, 2021 -- This news item pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic was originally posted in March 2020. For the latest information, visit

Published May 14, 2020

On Thursday, May 14, the City of Highland Park issued a new Supplemental Order permitting the playing of outdoor tennis, paddle tennis, platform tennis, and pickleball. Players must remain in strict compliance with United States Tennis Association (USTA) guidelines and USTA player recommendations as applicable to their sport. The City continues to encourage social distancing as a key strategy  to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The measure is intended to provide residents with additional opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation in the City, and follows a previous order permitting the playing of golf. All other health and recreational clubs that were closed pursuant to the City's March 16, 2020 Order must remain closed.

The USTA has released guidelines for the safe play of outdoor tennis which players must follow, and players of the other permitted outdoor racquet sports are also expected to comply to the greatest extent possible. Those guidelines include:

  • Playing with social distancing measures
  • Playing one-on-one games only (no doubles matches)
  • Staggering bookings and shortening programs to space court usage
  • Avoiding congregating or social gathering
  • Using every second court where possible
  • Minimizing contact between participants and staff
  • Disinfecting equipment and gear
  • Bringing individual gear that has been marked as belonging to a single player in some way (suggestions include: players using different brands of tennis balls; different ball numbers, etc.) 
  • Requiring individuals to handle their own equipment, including tennis balls 

All players should familiarize themselves with the USTA guidelines and any additional regulations implemented by the facility.

The City's Supplemental Order takes effect on Saturday, May 16, and will run concurrently with the Declaration of Civil Emergency, currently in place until May 29, 2020, in line with the Governor's Updated Stay at Home Order.

Learn more about the City's response to COVID-19 here.