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Archived (April 2020): City Issues Supplemental Order Regarding Golf Courses and Face Coverings

June 1, 2021 -- This news item pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic was originally posted in April 2020. For the latest information, visit

April 30, 2020 -- On Thursday, April 30, the City issued a new Supplemental Order to clarify public health requirements mandated by the City and the provisions of Governor Pritzker's Updated Stay at Home Order.
Governor Pritzker's Order, which was signed on April 30, extends the statewide Stay at Home Order. It enacts specific modifications designed to lessen restrictions on individuals and businesses while still maintaining strict social distancing to manage the spread of COVID-19. The Updated Stay at Home Order requires all individuals over the age of 2 to wear a face covering in public places when a six-foot distance from others cannot be maintained. Additionally, among other modifications, it allows golf courses to reopen provided strict safety guidelines from the Illinois DCEO are followed.
The City's Supplemental Order issued April 30, 2020 includes the following provisions:
  • Golf courses may reopen on May 1, 2020. Golf courses and players must remain in strict compliance with the Updated Stay at Home Order and the requirements implemented by the DCEO. All other health clubs, recreational clubs, and motion picture and live performance theaters that were closed pursuant to the City's March 16, 2020 Order must remain closed.
  • Face coverings continue to be required for all residents, employees, and visitors to the City of Highland Park over the age of two. Although not specified as such in the Governor's Updated Stay at Home Order, within the City of Highland Park all individuals working at construction sites, automotive repair shops or engaged in landscaping activities must wear a face covering. 
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