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CBD Construction Updates

July 5, 2024 -- Highland Park's Central Business District is receiving a major facelift! Construction is underway to allow for newly paved streets, expanded pedestrian walkways, ADA accessibility, increased outdoor dining space, and inviting new streetscape, including new benches, lighting, and landscape. We appreciate all of your patience and feedback during all improvement projects.

Recap of June Improvements

Second Street

  • Began curb work at the north end of the block
  • Began installation of conduit for electrical services
  • Begin underlayment work in areas where paver bricks will be placed
  • Installation of updated storm sewer

CBD Resurfacing

  • The installation of updated curbing, ADA accessible crosswalks and electrical conduit for new pedestrian signaling was completed on the following streets:
  • Elm Place from Green Bay Road to St. Johns Avenue
  • Green Bay Road from Elm Place to Laurel Avenue
  • Central Avenue from Green Bay Road to Linden Avenue
  • Laurel Avenue from Green Bay Road to St. Johns Avenue
  • Second Street from Central Avenue to Laurel Avenue
  • First Street from Green Bay Road to Laurel Avenue
  • St. Johns from Elm Place to Laurel Avenue
  • Sheridan Road from Elm Place to Central Avenue

Downtown Furniture Replacement

  • Installed 19 benches on existing pavers or concrete
  • Installed 15 total benches located in pocket park areas –benches require new concrete pads

What's ahead?

Second Street

  • Complete installation of all curbing
  • Completion of concrete underlayment
  • Complete installation of all brick pavers
  • Completion of electrical conduit installation
  • Installation of streetscape to include:
  • Trees
  • Planters
  • Benches
  • Bollards
  • Lights

CBD Resurfacing Project

  • Phase 2 begins Monday, July 8, 2024
  • All work will be conducted overnight from 9PM – 6AM, Monday – Friday (into Saturday morning)
  • All roadways will continue to be open and accessible during business hours (no road closures)
  • Roadway asphalt surface removal and complete replacement to be conducted in phases
  • Roadway patching in deficient areas

Downtown Furniture Replacement

  • Phase 3 begins July 9
  • Installation of benches at Port Clinton
  • Completion of landscaping punch list items

Visit the City’s Capital Improvement Program page for more information related to the Central Business District Capital Projects.