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June 29, 2024: Overnight Protest Activity

Community Advisory: Overnight Protest Activity in a Residential Neighborhood

June 29, 2024 -- At 2:43 AM on Saturday, June 29, 2024, dispatch at the City of Highland Park Police Department received a noise complaint of people shouting in the vicinity of Woodland Rd. Officers arrived on scene at 2:47 AM. Officers observed approximately 40 protestors gathered in the public right-of-way. Protestors carried banners and shouted pro-Palestinian and antisemitic chants using loudspeakers and drums. Officers immediately began de-escalation and dispersal of the crowd.

Officers immediately followed procedure for the safe management of a crowd of this size, establishing a perimeter around the protesting group to ensure the safety of neighbors in the area who were outside. Officers communicated with the event organizer and provided information about City regulations regarding noise and safe assembly. At 3 AM, officers requested additional units to assist with site management and coordinate an immediate and safe dispersal. By 3:15 AM, all protestors had departed the scene. Officers then remained on scene for approximately two additional hours to complete the investigation and to ensure the safety of residents. 

Public safety is the City’s top priority. The City can and will strictly enforce all of its public safety, noise, nuisance, and disturbance of the peace ordinances. The City will be conducting additional patrols in neighborhoods and implementing a close watch on houses of worship. 

The City unequivocally condemns antisemitism and all acts of hate, standing in solidarity with our Jewish community. This deeply held value is a cornerstone of the City’s Statement Against Hate, available at