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City Expands Public Safety Alert Notifications

HP Alerts posterMay 1, 2024 -- The City of Highland Park is excited to launch a new public safety text message alert service through RAVE. This one-way messaging service will allow the City to send out public safety and emergency alerts to subscribers. RAVE complements existing public safety alerts through Smart911. The City will be using this new service to share public safety alerts as well as information about significant road closures and other emergency notifications when information is available, alongside Smart911. Once you opt-in to these text messages through RAVE, you will continue to receive alerts until you opt-out. 

To subscribe to text message alerts through RAVE, please text HPAlerts to 226787.  

RAVE is not linked to your name or address. Community members are also encouraged to sign up for Smart911 at to receive emergency alerts and share important information about your household with first responders in the event of an emergency. Your Smart911 profile also gives the City the option to contact you in the event of an alert that is specific to a geographic area or neighborhood, with the option to receive notifications by email, text, and/or phone. As a reminder, to remain active in the Smart911 system you must confirm your information every six months when prompted by the system.

For more information about RAVE or Smart911, please contact the City Manager's Office at 847.926.1000 or