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My Water Use

The City's My Water Use Program provides a secure, web-based portal with water usage information, leak notices, tailored recommendations, and more. Residents can also set water use alerts based on preferences. Residents can sign up using their water account number at

The My Water Use online portal allows you to:

  • Track your water use. 
  • Set alerts for possible leaks or unusual usage. 
  • Provides you with personalized tips on saving water. 
  • Allows you to set communications preferences. 

To set up your My Water Use Portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on login. 
  3. Input your Account Number and Zip Code. 
  4. Walk thru the automated registration flow. 

My Water Use is intended to be an informational program and is offered free of charge for all residents to access. My Water Use is not used to determine a customer’s water bill; however, billing information is used as part of the data and graphics included in the portal. 

My Water Use provides water usage tracking in an easy-to-understand format, taking data directly from your home water meter, but not all the time in real-time. Delays may occur due to the process by which water usage is collected, recorded, and then transmitted to the City's Finance Department for quarterly billing. In cases in which live meter readings are not available, the system will use assumptions in daily reads and usage based on the next live meter reading.

Any questions about the accuracy of any usage displayed in the program should be directed to the Finance Department at