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April 23 - 29: National Crime Victims' Rights Week

April 24, 2023 -- MayorRotering issued the below statement to accompany a Proclamation recognizing National Crime Victims' Rights Week:

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) is April 23-29, 2023. NCVRW provides a chance to honor crime victims and survivors, recognize the professionals and volunteers who provide critical services to victims of crime, raise awareness about crime victims’ rights and services, and promote policies and practices that help prevent future victimization.

The importance of this week cannot be overstated, especially considering the devastating impact that shootings and other violent crimes have on individuals, families, and communities. The 2023 theme is ‘Survivor Voices: Elevate. Engage. Effect Change.’ The theme calls upon communities to amplify the voices of survivors and create environments where survivors have the confidence that they will be heard, believed, and supported.

We must never forget that behind every crime is a victim. They have been left with physical and emotional scars. These individuals have shown us the true meaning of determination and inspired us to use their experience to be the change we want to see in the world where everyone feels safe and protected. To each victim, we offer our care and our unwavering support.

Our support for victims is more than advocacy and activism. Victims have experienced unthinkable traumatic and devastating crimes and are left to grapple with the aftermath. This week, we also recognize the critical role of the professionals and volunteers who help victims. Their dedication to their work, providing support and services, is truly an act of selflessness. Thank you to each team member in Highland Park and all our partners for your unwavering commitment to justice, fairness, and compassion.