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Clavey Rd Improvement Project | FAQ

8' Multi-Use Path
Browse questions and answers related to the 8' multi-use path that is part of the Clavey Rd. Improvement Project. 

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Last updated April 16, 2020.

Why is an 8' multi-use path being proposed?

Why is the 8' asphalt multi-use path on the south side of Clavey instead of the north side?

Why can't Clavey Road be widened by 8 feet and have the sidewalk be kept as is?

Will residents and businesses have access to their driveways throughout the project?

Is there anything that could be done with paint lines (e.g., painted bike lanes and/or protected bike lane on bridge and on Clavey west of 41) to help improve connectivity for pedestrians in the short term?

Can you install a yellow line to separate the traveled direction along the proposed multi-use path?