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Participating in Virtual Public Meetings

Thank you for your interest in participating in public meetings with the City of Highland Park.

As the City of Highland Park continues to follow social distancing requirements and Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order, City meetings will continue to be held virtually until further notice. In addition, at least one representative from the City will be present at City Hall during all public meetings in compliance with 7(e) of the Open Meetings Act, and the virtual meeting will be simulcast at City Hall for members of the public who do not wish to view the virtual meeting from another location. 

Pursuant to the latest Executive Order issued by the Governor, no more than 50 people may gather at City Hall for a meeting.  Accordingly, the opportunity to view virtual meetings at City Hall will be available on a “first come, first-served” basis.  The meeting will also be live-streamed at and played on HPTV Comcast cable, Channel 10.   

How to participate in a virtual public meeting

The City utilizes the Webinar feature in Zoom. All those attending are participating as Attendees of the webinar.  If you join the meeting virtually in the Webinar, you will be muted when you join the meeting by default.

At the appropriate time as noted on the meeting agenda, members of the public will have the opportunity to address the City Council, Board or Commission.

Raising Your Hand to Speak

You can “raise your hand” in the Zoom Webinar to indicate you’d like to address the City Council, Board, or Commission.  If joining online, please click the “Raise Hand” icon in Webinar Controls. The host will be notified that you’ve raised your hand. Click the “Lower Hand” icon to lower if needed. The Windows shortcut is Alt+Y. The Mac shortcut is Option+Y.

If joining by phone, raise your hand by pressing STAR NINE on your phone. 

Members of the public viewing the meeting in City Hall will also have an opportunity to address the Council/Board/Commission using a telephone on site.  They will be called upon last and City staff will coordinate with them to provide verbal testimony.

At the appropriate time, City staff will un-mute your connection and you’ll be able to address the public body.  Following your testimony, City staff will re-mute your microphone.

The dates of all City of Highland Park meetings are listed on the Meeting Calendar on the City’s home page at All public meeting agendas are posted on the City website at

The City of Highland Park remains united in ensuring the safety and health of our community and our employees. To protect the public and our staff, Administrative services by the City remain closed during business hours, although on-line service is available.  For a list of services and how to obtain information during this time, please visit   The City encourages individuals to sign-up for its eNews for important information from the City and its government partners including State and Federal authorities.   The City updates its web site daily and also posts on social media daily.  To sign-up for the eNews, visit