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Snow & Ice Removal FAQ's

The Public Works Department provides the following information in preparation for the winter season. Timely response and effective execution in anticipation of variable weather conditions are essential for an efficient snow removal plan. Online weather data and Lake County Passage CCTV information are constantly being monitored to determine the impact of storms. This allows the City to schedule personnel and get equipment ready and available for any upcoming snow event. The information provided in advance assists the Public Works Department to prepare an effective plan for snow removal while working closely with the Public Safety personnel to identify specific salting or plowing needs.

The City of Highland Park reminds residents that it is a violation to remove snow from one parcel of property and deposit onto another, including the adjacent public parkway, without consent of the property owner. Some snow removal companies push snow from one property, across public streets, and onto the parkway on the opposite side of the street. Depositing snow in this manner can damage property, create a nuisance, and hamper sight lines from adjacent properties. The City code does provide an exemption to allow plow operators to deposit snow on the City parkway located immediately adjacent to and on the same side of the street as the property from which the snow is being removed.

Property owners should inform their snow removal companies of the Snow Removal Ordinance provisions. Snow plow operations observed improperly depositing snow in violation of the ordinance will be cited; however, residents are ultimately responsible for compliance and may also be cited. Please see the graphic below as a guide to properly remove snow from your driveway, or contact the Street Foreman, Randy Abbott, at 847.926.1147 with any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are several topics addressed by the City of Highland Park and the Public Works Department to help our community during the winter months. In addition to the information provided below, you may also review
the City's Snow and Ice Control Manual. 

For general questions or concerns regarding the snow and ice removal process for the City of Highland Park, review the topics below or contact the Street Section Foreman, Randy Abbott, at 847.926.1147.

When are specific streets plowed?

How is the application of salt managed?

Why do plows occasionally fill driveway approaches?

When are public sidewalks plowed?

How should drivers navigate the road when encountering a snow plow? 

What assistance can residents provide?

What if a snow plow damages my property or mailbox?

Who should residents call?

Salt impact on water quality