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Green Bay Road Reconstruction Project Q&A

One of the City’s priorities is investment in infrastructure. Road resurfacing and replacement are critical components of infrastructure investment. Within our annual road assessment process, Green Bay Road between Clavey Road and Central Avenue was identified as due for replacement and reconstruction. The planning for this project began in 2015. Portions of this project have been discussed at public meetings including City Council, Transportation Advisory Group, Bike Walk Advisory Committee, and other public meetings since that time. The City is currently in the public engagement phase of the Green Bay Road Reconstruction Project.

The City has prepared a comprehensive Q&A to provide an overview of the project, including questions and answers from recent public inquiries. The Q&A has been updated to reflect takeaways from public information meetings on January 25, 2023 and March 2, 2023. All public comments and questions will continue to be documented and reflected on the Q&A. Click on a category below to view questions and answers.  To provide additional comments or to be added to a project-specific email list, please contact City Engineer Manny Gomez, P.E. at  or 847.432.0807 or City Manager Ghida Neukirch at

  1. Project Purpose, Scope and Need
  2. Project Status
  3. Public Meetings & Public Communication / Stay Apprised of Upcoming Meetings
  4. Status of Clavey Road (no impact with the Green Bay Road project)
  5. Consideration of Bike Lanes on Green Bay Road
  6. Emergency Vehicle Access & Public Safety
  7. Right of Way
  8. Project Funding
  9. Project Timeline
  10. Traffic Management
  11. Landscaping Plan