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Forestry Section

Red Horsechestnut
Aesculus carnea- Red Horse-Chestnut

The City of Highland Park's has transitioned all permit applications to a self-service permit portal, CIVIC ACCESS.

The Forestry Section maintains approximately 30,000 street and public trees throughout the City of Highland Park. Tree care includes planting, pruning, integrated pest management and removal of hazardous parkway trees. In addition, the Forestry Section manages the landscaping and grounds of over 150 City-owned properties including City Hall, train stations, and business districts. The Forestry Section is also responsible for permitting development to preserve trees during construction and the care of vegetation within ravines and bluffs for compliance with the City of Highland Park Tree Preservation Ordinance.

In 2023, the Arbor Day Foundation named the City of Highland Park a Tree City USA for it's 43rd year! As one of the longest standing members of this group, it shows the city's deep-rooted commitment to the preservation of its urban forest.

For information on the City's 2024 Arbor Day Celebration, click HERE.

For additional information, please review the topics below or contact Forestry Section staff.

Tree Removal Permit Applications

Construction & Trees

What are "Protected", "Key", and "Heritage" Trees?

Tree Preservation Ordinances: Fines/Citations

Green Dots on Trees

Parkway Tree Pruning

Health & Maintenance of Trees

Planting Native Species

Buckthorn and Other Invasive Plants

Ravine & Bluff Restoration

McClory Bike Trail Pollinator Garden

City Pesticide Usage

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Dutch Elm Disease (DED)

Realtor Guide for Forestry Concerns

Value of Trees