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Fleet Section

Services provided by the Fleet Section include in-house maintenance and repair of all City vehicles and equipment. Public Works operates total of 76 municipal vehicles. 25 of these vehicles include Hybrid-Electric sedans, light and heavy-duty trucks, trailers, tractors and other miscellaneous equipment. Several of these trucks use Biodiesel fuel which help to reduce greenhouse gases. Specifications of replacements and additional vehicles and equipment are developed by Public Works to determine which will provide the city with the most effective and innovative equipment and tools for their operations.

The City has an Environmentally Friendly Vehicles Policy which sets forth that the City will replace administrative, inspector, and police vehicles with hybrid or electric vehicles. 

The Fleet Section is proud to have 6 highly experienced and trained technicians who are each ASE Certified (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence), 2 of which have achieved Master Technician Status.

This is one of our Chevrolet VIA-Vans which is a Hybrid plug-in units, currently utilized by the Public Works Department.  

This is one of our Ford C-MAX vehicles used by The City to help reduce environmental hazards.

This is one of two 2022 Chevrolet Bolts the City purchased. This is an all-electric car the City uses for day-to-day operation.2022 Chevy Bolt

The City purchased a Hybrid Loader in 2023

For general questions or concerns regarding the Fleet Section, please contact the Equipment Foreman, Scott Leonard, at 847.926.1153.